Limen 5 (2022/1)


Andrew Arthur: The Oversized Role of Title 42 in U.S. Southwest Border Security download

Viktor Marsai – Nikolett Pénzváltó (eds): Ukrainian refugees and their initial situation in the European Union download

Nikolett Pénzváltó: From Besieger to Gatekeeper? – An Insight into the Relationship between Hungary and Turkey download

Meszár Tárik: Aid activities of Hungary Helps in the Middle East download

Omar Sayfo: “Islamophobia”, or is it Permissible to Criticise Islam? download

Book recommendation by Viktor Marsai: Nikolett Pénzváltó: Turkey’s Russian roulette. MCC Press, Budapest, 2022. download

Book recommendation by Kristóf György Veres: Roy Beck: Back of the Hiring Line. A 200-year history of immigration surges, employer bias, and depression of Black wealth. NumbersUSA, Arlington, Virginia, 2021. download

Limen 4 (2021/2)



Orsolya Ferencz: Climate change and other global crises viewed from space download

Calum T. Nicholson: ‘Climate Migration’: what role for research in the age of post-truth? download

Ede Énekes – Imre Porkoláb: Social and Cognitive Domain Influence in Migration Networks download

Getachew Zeru – Tewolde Tsehaye: Irregular Migration of Ethiopian Youths to Saudi Arabia: The Case of Atsibi Wonberta Woreda of Tigray Regional State download

Book recommendation by Klaudia Tóth: Frank Füredi: Why Borders Matter? Why Humanity Must Relearn the Art of Drawing Boundaries. Routledge, 2020. download

Kristóf György Veres: The Hijacking of Asylum: Responses in the U.S. and Europe download

Limen 3 (2021/1)



Johan Lundberg: Swedish clans, criminal networks and the failure of postmodern theory download

Gordon Ochieng’ Ogutu: Refugee Host Community Development in Kenya: Approaches and Challenges download

Márk Vargha: Before the judges. The journey of anti-immigration Matteo Salvini to the courtrooms download

Szabolcs Janik: How EU citizens see the issue of migration – results of an EU-wide representative research download

Péter Kövecsi-Oláh: Muslim refugees in the process of state and society building – Turkish examples from the 19-20th century download

Interview with International Jurist José Luis Bazán Ph.D., on Christian persecution in Africa download

Pope Francis: Let Us Dream: The path to a Better Future. Simon & Schuster, 2020. (160 pages) Review by Márk Vargha download

Strategies of Resilience – Conference on Climate Change, Migration and Adaptation. Report by Kristóf György Veres download

Limen 2 (2020/2)


Nikolett Pénzváltó: How Strong is Turkey’s Refugee Card? Lessons learned from the events of February-March 2020 download

István Tarrósy: Africans in China: The Migration-Related Consequences of China’s “African Policy” download

Rashed Daher: Crisis on the edge of Europe. Migration and self-defense in Hungary download

José Luis Bazán: Objectification of the Human Body and Trafficking in Human Beings: Postmodern mentalities and the Impotence of the Law download

David Engels: Demagogy, Destruction and Manipulation. Putting the 2020 Riots into a Comparatist Historical Perspective download

Tamás Dezső: Demography and Migration. Population boom in the Muslim world: causes and consequences download

Limen 1 (2020/1)



Tamás Dezső: Foreign Terrorist Fighters in the Islamic State

Abdessamad Belhaj: Burden Bearing, Burden Exporting: The Global Compact for Migration as Seen from the Arab World

Szabolcs Janik: The Economic Impacts of the Migration Wave in Europe

Viktor Marsai: Climate Change, Africa and Migration

Hanga Horváth-Sántha – Bianka Speidl: “Stuck in One Place”

László Bernát Veszprémy: Immigration and Antisemitic Incidents: An Overview from West and North Europe

Márk Vargha: Closing the Doors – Paradigm Shift in the Danish Migration Policy

Hanga Horváth-Sántha – Bianka Speidl: The Political Expansion of Islam

László Bernát Veszprémy: A Peculiar Alliance: Progressive Parties and Muslim Voters in Certain Western European Countries

Márk Vargha: A Snapshot of the Migration Situation in Finland

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