A legális migrációs csatornák kiszélesítése is az asztalon van az EU-ban
Migrációkutató Intézet
2022. May 02.
Karc FM, Hangoló

At the end of April, the European Commission proposed changes to two directives aimed at simplifying and widening existing legal immigration channels. The proposals are part of the Commission’s migration and asylum package, presented in autumn 2020, which has been little discussed during the Covid crisis. “The majority have already arrived legally in the European Union: hundreds of thousands of them to study, a significant number for work, but most of them for family reunification,” Szabolcs Janik told Karc FM’s morning show. He added: “Legal immigration is a matter for the member states, so the European Commission can only propose additional legislation to the Council and Parliament.” The MKI’s deputy director said the West has a serious responsibility to ensure that highly skilled, talented and successful workers remain in developing emitting regions.

Photo: shutterstock.com