Az olasz baloldali kormány migrációs PR-kampányba kezdett
Migrációkutató Intézet
2020. September 03.
Magyar Nemzet

Our researcher, Márk Vargha told Magyar Nemzet that Italy is soon facing an extremely important domestic political test, as provincial elections will be held on 20-21 September in Liguria and Veneto regions in northern Italy, in Marche and Tuscany regions in central Italy, and in Campania and Puglia regions in southern Italy. A cry for help from Lampedusa and Sicily has now reached Rome, but it is obvious that the left-wing Prime Minister has been forced to address the issue primarily because of the provincial elections. The researcher reminds the readers that the conflict between the leaders of the islands and the Italian government is now becoming more acute; on Lampedusa for example hundreds of locals went to the streets to demand the closure of ports last week.