Európa jövője
2018. May 13.
1013, Budapest, Ybl Miklós tér 2-6.

The conference entitled “The Future of Europe” is an outstanding cultural and scientific event of the V4 Hungarian Presidency – 2017/18. It represents an extraordinary opportunity to analyse the full array of political and cultural processes as well as to put our identity-creating cultural values in the limelight which, in addition to contributing to shape the present and the future of Europe, the most exciting and most lively scene of our civilisation, also define the elbow room of the countries of Central Europe within and beyond the European Union.

During our conference, leading politicians, renowned professors and well-known public figures will share their views with each other and with an audience of visitors. Mr. Balázs Orbán, Director General of the Migration Research Institute will participate in the II. Panel Discussion (23 May, 2018, Wednesday, 14:20). 


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Photo: Magyar Fórum