Géza Dobó

Marsai Viktor

Géza Dobó obtained a Master of Law degree from the University of Miskolc in 1997 consequently passing the bar at the Ministry of Justice. He started his legal career at a multinational telecommunication company (presently: Digi Communication). He participated in the development of the legal and contractual background of telecommunications liberalization. Afterwards as an attorney he chiefly represented a Hungarian-owned GPS logistics company, and participated in the establishment of the branch network and contacts with its partners in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He obtained his second degree as an international human rights expert at the Budapest-based Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE). He worked as a freelancer journalist for various online portals and print papers and for a short time as a full-time journalist for the online news portal Index. He joined the Migration Research Institute in December 2021. His main fields of research are the Western Balkans and the EU, as well as the international law aspects of migration, plus the development of intelligent border crossing systems.

Photo: Tamás Gyurkovits