On October 7, 2023, Hamas launched a multi-pronged attack on Israel, killing thousands of innocent civilians, including many women and children. Israel, in response, has conducted a bombing campaign against Hamas targets in Gaza. This roundtable will address the wider implications of the current and escalating war between Israel and Hamas for the jihadist movement in the West. Will it rejuvenate that movement around a common enemy and spearhead a new campaign of jihadist terrorism in Europe? And in what other ways, short of violence, will jihadists and their sympathisers seek to capitalise on the conflict?

Date: Thursday, 16/11/2023

Venue: MCC Hunyadi Mátyás Hall II.

  • Liam Duffy, Strategic Advisor at Counter Extremism Project, UK
  • Simon Cottee, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Kent, UK
  • Omar Sayfo, Senior Reseracher, Migration Research Institute
  • Moderator: Klaudia Tóth, Senior Reseracher, Migration Research Institute


The event is free to attend, although we ask you to registrate yourselves on the following link: https://feliratkozas.mcc.hu/…/jihadism-in-western-europe