For decades, mass migration from outside Europe and its effects have posed economic, political, and social challenges for Western European countries. While the integration of individuals and many groups of immigrants has been successful, for many others the result is far from optimal. In the wake of the 2015 migration crisis, unresolved problems have come to the surface.

In recent years, visions about the fate and identity of nation-states and Europe in general are clashing, societies are becoming increasingly divided, and even mainstream politics is now forced to acknowledge some failures of integration. Can mistakes be corrected and social trust restored?

Date: 06 February 2024

Venue: MCC Budapest, Hunyadi Mátyás Hall II. [H-1113 Budapest, Tas vezér str. 3-7.]


  • John Waters – Columnist, The Irish Times
  • Omar Sayfo – Senior Researcher, Migration Research Institute
  • Moderator: Róbert Gönczi – Analyst, Migration Research Institute

The event will be held in English. The event is free to attend, although we kindly ask you to register yourselves on the following page: