The current political and academic discourse on immigration is ruled by a humanitarian perspective which highlights the benefits of human mobility while neglecting or diminishing its challenges and threats. This pro-immigration imbalance shapes political debate and the agendas of governments and international institutions; in addition, it jeopardizes academic integrity and limits the possibility of developing a more complex and nuanced understanding of immigration.
To combat this, several independent research centers which consider immigration as a more complex topic, with disadvantages and challenges as well as benefits, have established an International Network for Immigration Research.
The members of the Network are based in different nations with very different immigration policies but share the bedrock principle that immigrant-receiving countries, as sovereign nation-states, have the right to pursue and enforce their chosen immigration policies.
Often referred to as “restrictionist” or “anti-immigration”, their approach is more accurately described as realist and critical. It means that instead of an ideologically driven approach dominated by a strong humanitarian agenda, the member organizations go back to the basic questions of immigration, and they address political, social, economic, and security considerations as well. In addition, members of the Network examine the phenomenon not only from the perspective of immigrants, but also from the perspective of host countries and societies.
A joint statement will be signed and a roundtable discussion will be held to celebrate the creation of the International Network for Immigration Research platform.
Date: Thursday, 9 November, 2023 17:00
Venue: MCC Scruton (H-1113 Budapest, Tas vezér str. 3.).
Opening remarks: Péter Lánczi, Deputy Director General, MCC
Moderator: Viktor Marsai, Executive Director, Migration Research Institute
Mark Krikorian, Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies
Eric Ruark, Director of Research, NumbersUSA
Yonatan Jakubowicz, Founder, Israeli Immigration Policy Center
Nicolas Monti, Co-Founder, Observatoire de l’immigration et de la démographie