Meeting with OID in Paris

March 13, 2024

Egyeztetés az OID-vel Párizsban

MRI Director Viktor Marsai met with Nicholas Pouvreau-Monti and Maxime Hemery-Aymar, co-founders of the Paris-based Observatoire de l’immigration et de la démographie (OID), on 13 March, 2024. The discussion covered upcoming events of the International Network for Immigration Research (INIR). The next INIR conference on maritime security and border management will take place in Washington DC in early April 2024. This topic has become particularly relevant given the migration pressure experienced in the Mediterranean and the Haiti crisis.

Participants also touched on issues concerning the journal ‘Limen’: the editorial board will be internationalized, and the journal will become the scientific platform of INIR.

The members of MRI and OID also discussed the effects of European border management and the new Pact on Migration and Asylum, and they expressed doubts regarding the outcomes. Given the paramount significance of the Pact, MRI and OID will engage in joint research projects analyzing its results and consequences. In addition, the two institutes will collaborate in exploring the role of organized criminal groups in human and drug trafficking.