Limen 5 (2022/1)
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Andrew Arthur: The Oversized Role of Title 42 in U.S. Southwest Border Security download

Viktor Marsai – Nikolett Pénzváltó (eds): Ukrainian refugees and their initial situation in the European Union download

Nikolett Pénzváltó: From Besieger to Gatekeeper? – An Insight into the Relationship between Hungary and Turkey download

Meszár Tárik: Aid activities of Hungary Helps in the Middle East download

Omar Sayfo: “Islamophobia”, or is it Permissible to Criticise Islam? download

Book recommendation by Viktor Marsai: Nikolett Pénzváltó: Turkey’s Russian roulette. MCC Press, Budapest, 2022. download

Book recommendation by Kristóf György Veres: Roy Beck: Back of the Hiring Line. A 200-year history of immigration surges, employer bias, and depression of Black wealth. NumbersUSA, Arlington, Virginia, 2021. download