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Welcome to the Migration Research Institute (MRI), established by the Mathias Corvinus Collegium Foundation and the Századvég Foundation.

Migration poses a challenge to countries in the developed and the developing world. We find that globalization has brought at least as many problems to the surface as it has solved. The longstanding consequences of mass immigration redraw the profile of entire societies and affect the fate of millions. It is critical to get a complete picture of the phenomenon.

We believe that the scientific community plays a crucial role in analyzing migration’s drivers and social impacts. Our institute – established in the autumn of 2015 – works with the undisguised purpose of researching and explaining immigration to Europe scientifically and understandably to an audience interested in the issue while lacking academic background.

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The terror attack in Manchester

Senior researcher Ms Bianka Speidl and István Kiss, senior researcher at the Századvég Foundation discussed the terror attack in Manchester. Image: NBC…

The Terror Attack In Manchester

Research suggests that radicalisation may be more prevalent among the educated (in the West)

Senior researcher Ms Bianka Speidl spoke about multiculturalism in Britain and the nexus between the well-educated Muslims and Islamism. Research examining radicalisation…

Research Suggests That Radicalisation May Be More Prevalent Among The Educated (in The West)

Stemming irregular migration as an attempt to prevent terrorism

One way of preventing terrorist acts is to stem irregular migration, as the migratory flows have been used by individuals with malicious…

Stemming Irregular Migration As An Attempt To Prevent Terrorism