Limen is a semi-annual international journal published by the Hungarian Migration Research Institute. Our journal follows a critical, realist and complex approach to migration. On the one hand, we endorse critical distance and views of migration insofar as migration flows express rational choices, motivated by social, political and economic interests. In line with this critical stance, our editorial line is focusing on the realities, the push and pull factors as well as the processes of migration. On the other hand, the journal is intended to be complex in terms of its scope, endeavouring an intersection of multiple research venues on migration in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Furthermore, we encourage interdisciplinary insights grounded in field work; immediate sociology and history of migratory flows; the economic dimension of migration; the security challenges related to migration such as radicalisation, organised crime and anti-Semitism; the ways religious and political cultures shape migration, especially in the Middle East and Africa; challenges migration poses to national, European and international laws; and alternative narratives on climate migration.

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Editorial Board:

Tamás Dezső, Szabolcs Janik, Viktor Marsai,

Balázs Orbán, Nikolett Pénzváltó, Omar Sayfo, Norbert Tóth, Márk Vargha,

Kristóf György Veres



Viktor Marsai (Research Director, Migration Research Institute)



Tamás Dezső (Director, Migration Research Institute)

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